Travel Packs



Vital Minis

A travel bag of vital essentials for the care of your complexion.

Cream Cleanser 
Gently removes impurities while it nourishes, balances and refreshes the complexion.

Face Exfoliant 
A creamy scrub that gently polishes the skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion

Gel Mask 
An intense, hydrating mask to help brighten, replenish and revitalise tired skin.

Day Moisturiser 
Restores lost moisture and nutrients to your skin leaving it supple and smooth.



Body Basics

A handy bag containing the basics for the care of your hair and body.

Gently purifies with natural botanicals to help nourish and maintain healthy hair.

Softens and boosts the natural shine of hair while protecting from stress and damage.

Body Wash 
The soap free gel gently cleanses, leaving the skin fresh and feeling silky smooth. Moisturiser This light, soothing and refreshing moisturiser absorbs quickly for instant hydration.